Shortcut สำหรับโปรแกรม VLC

Shortcut สำหรับโปรแกรม VLC
SPACE เล่น/หยุดเล่น
] เล่นเร็วขึ้น
[ เล่นช้าลง
File Operations
CTRL + O Open a single file
CTRL + SHIFT + O Open multiple files
CTRL + F Open folder
CTRL + D Open disk
CTRL + N Open network stream
CTRL + C Open capture device
CTRL + V Open location copied in the clipboard
CTRL + R Convert and save file
CTRL + S Stream your media locally or on the internet
Program Operations
CTRL + Q or ALT + F4 or ALT + Q Quit
CTRL + E Open the adjustment and effects menu
CTRL + SHIFT + W VLM Configuration
CTRL + M Open the message screen
CTRL + P Open the preferences menu
F1 Help
SHIFT + F1 About
Playing Operations
SPACE Play and Pause a file
N Next Track
P Previous Track
F or F11 or Mouse Double Click Full screen mode on and off
CTRL + H Switch minimal interface on and off
T Show current and remaining time information
CTRL + T Go to a specific time of a playing media
P Go and play from the start of a file
S Stop movie
Esc Full screen exit
E Switch to next frame
L Loop off, one or all
R Random on and off
G Decrease subtitle delay
H Increase subtitle delay
V Cycle through subtitles
Playing Speed
[ Decrease playing speed
] Increase playing speed
= Normal playing speed
Quick Forward and Backward
SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW 3 seconds forward
SHIFT + LEFT ARROW 3 seconds backward
ALT + RIGHT ARROW 10 seconds forward
ALT + LEFT ARROW 10 seconds backward
CTRL + RIGHT ARROW 1 minute forward
CTRL + LEFT ARROW 1 minute backward
Display Options
A Cycle aspect ratio
C Cycle through crop display area
Z Cycle through zoom mode
D Deinterlace On and Off
O Switch to original size of the video
W Wallpaper mode on (with DirectX output)
Sound and Audio Operations
CTRL + UP ARROW or Mouse Scroll Up Volume Up
CTRL + DOWN ARROW or Mouse Scroll Down Volume Down
J Decrease audio delay
K Increase audio delay
B Cycle through available audio tracks
M Mute sound on and off
Shift + A Cycle through audio devices
Media Information
CTRL + I View and edit media information like title, artist, album
CTRL + J View codec information like your media dimensions, audio and video codecs
Playlist Operations
CTRL + L Switch to playlist or back to media
CTRL + Y Save current playlist to a file
CTRL + B Create, delete and clear bookmarks menu.
Disc Operations
Shift + B Next title
Shift + O Previous title
Shift + N Next chapter
Shift + P Previous chapter
Shift + M Disk Menu
Shift + H History forward
Shift + G History back
Shift + R Start and stop recording
Shift + S Take snapshot
ALT + C Crop from bottom
ALT+ SHIFT + C Uncrop from bottom
ALT + D Crop from left
ALT + SHIFT + D Uncrop from left
ALT + F Crop from right
ALT + SHIFT + F Uncrop from right
ALT + R Crop from top
ALT + SHIFT + R Uncrop from top
File Menu Operations
ALT + M Open media menu
ALT + L Open playback menu
ALT + A Open audio menu
ALT + V Open video menu
ALT + S Open subtitle menu
ALT + O Open tools menu
ALT + I Open view menu
ALT + H Open help menu



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